torsdag 5 mars 2015


On iOS the forScore app is the score app, by many considered the golden standard. And for good reason.

App: forScore
Available for: iOS
Price: $10
Developer: forScore

Arguably, forScore is just a simple PDF reader with some musician-friendly features bolted on. Sure. But the beauty of this is how well the features have been selected and implemented. What you get is an incredibly useful and reliable PDF music reader, built for center stage.

As you have probably understood by now, I really like forScore. So let's keep this review short by focusing on the few (but sometimes important) weaknesses: If your music library contain anything but songs individually stored in PDF format, think again. The forScore app handle collections, like Real Books, but you have to bookmark each song. It works, but is somewhat tedious. And the only other supported formats are variants of Word files, which are just converted to PDF. 

What we want is "simple", "stable" and "complete". It really seems that in music reader apps we get to chose two of these (with Fakebook as the three-out-of-three exception). With forScore we get "simple" and "stable" in a brilliant way - can't really complain about that.

If I couldn't use my Android tablet and Fakebook when gigging, I'd bring the iPad with forScore. For an iOS app, I guess that is a "magna cum laude" degree.
forScore - 4 stars -

(Tested: forScore version 8.1 on iPad)

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