onsdag 3 augusti 2016

MobileSheets (Pro)

Odd user interface and odd update policy -- too bad for an otherwise good app.

App: MobileSheets (Pro)
Available for: Android
Price: $13
Developer: Zubersoft
Website: http://www.zubersoft.com

This review was originally based on quite favourable impressions from the MobileSheets 4.1 release.

The app handles PDF, images and ChordPro files in a great way, it supports annotation, transposition and different types of list as well as pedal actions. Unfortunately the user interface is rather odd and decidedly non-Android (but it seems to have been heavily influenced by iOS, which is strange since the app is Android only). There are a lot of features and most of these can be used or accessed in several ways, which makes the user interface dense and often confusing. This, and the fact that MobileSheets (Pro) like most similar PDF readers require a lot of manual work to import files, made for a rough start.

Regardless, when the songs were all imported and everything configured, I thought the MobileSheets app was rather good. Stable and gig-friendly -- which is what I find most important in these reviews, because it is what matters to the working musician.

But then the developer decided to abandon MobileSheets and instead release all new versions under a new name: MobileSheets Pro. Which meant that existing users had to pay once again which, in my opinion, is not OK and not a great way to build confidence and trust in an app.

Sure, the Pro version is better in many ways and may be rewritten from the ground up (as the developer claims), which in the pre-app world were reasons enough to warrant a paid update. But today customers expect to pay once and that their loyalty is rewarded with free upgrades.

If the rewrite and "pro" moniker were used as opportunities to clean up and fix the user interface, MobileSheets could have been one of the top music reader apps. Still, claiming full payment (again) for the update would have been objectionable. As it stands, MobileSheets (Pro) cannot be recommended.
MobileSheets - 3 stars -

(Tested: MobileSheets version 4.1 and MobileSheets Pro version 1.5.4 on Android tablet)

3 kommentarer:

  1. I have been a MobileSheets user for 3 years now. Its a great app. Very cheap with a lot of functionality. No problem with paying a small fee for the Pro upgrade. I strongly recommend it for Android users. I like the way it manages page displays. I just want the same app for my Windows tablet PC!

  2. Available from the Windows Store https://www.microsoft.com/en-gu/store/p/mobilesheets/9nblggh6ct6d

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