fredag 24 juni 2016


A good PDF reader app with some really nice extras for musicians. Unfortunately the latest versions seems to have stability issues.

App: GigBook
Available for: iOS
Price: $10
Developer: DeepDish Designs

Not to be confused with the iGigBook (reviewed Jan 16th, 2015), the non-i-prefixed GigBook also has a similar set of basic features:
  • PDF
  • Bluetooth pedal support
  • Link to local audio tracks
  • Set lists and collections
  • Annotations
  • Metronome 
  • ...
But, it misses automatic indexing of collections and the transposing chord charts, which thereby also set GigBook apart from the Fakebook app. A pity, because otherwise this is a really nice and polished, simple to use PDF music reader. Especially the annotation and organizational features shine.

The support was previously quick and friendly, though the product user forum is not very active, and lately some app updates have resulted in a lot of crashes without much response from the developers.

A good PDF reader app with some really nice extras for musicians. But that's not enough to stand out in the competition. Especially as the current pace of development seems slow.
Update: Due to the stability problems introduced in the latest version, GigBook cannot be recommended at this time.
GigBook - 1 star -

(Tested: GigBook version 2.5.2 (+2.6.3) on iPad)

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